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Above all the sweet ideas, romantic notions, heart stirring songs, poems , movies , dialogues of Love and Longings, above all these trashes, remains certain cold facts: A successful married life depends on just Two Factors : mutually compatible and mutually compensating temperament of both partners And mutual honesty and devotion. That is all. It can be love at first, second or third sight, it can be an arranged marriage, it can be marriage of compulsion ( advance stage of pregnancy etc ) , it can be anything under sun and moon but unless these two factors are present, marriage cannot be a success. It may be annulled or it may continue but it will definitely not be a happy marriage.


The only Success that one should ever strive for is Inner Success. The objective of inner success is to see, whether one is successful in life in Being Happy.  Now arguments are raised that, for each, definition of Happiness is different. Really ?  If reasons for being Sad are universal, like You are Sad when a loved one cheats you, when someone insults you, when someone humiliates you, then how come reasons for true happiness misses out on a general pattern ?!  Definitely reasons for being happy, truly happy, are also universal.  Being loved makes you happy, being at peace makes you happy, beautiful experiences makes you happy. Material comforts are important to the extent that it’s possession or experiences in the road to attain it, does not disturb your inner joy. Whatever we acquire in life, we leave behind when we die. Even this body of ours. So what matters or what should matter is the ‘I’ factor. That ‘I’ is not ego,or identity but something else. Its one’s soul or mind or that soft inner voice or being who can only be delighted or miserable and nothing in between !  Know this ‘I’, love this ‘I’, protect this ‘I’. Sleeping with your boss may get you that much desired promotion but that ‘I’ will be miserable. Others call it conscience but I call it  ‘My True Self’.  If I am happy within, if there is a river of joy flowing gently and continuously , in me, then my friend, I AM VERY SUCCESSFUL IN LIFE. BECAUSE ….. I WAS BORN TO BE HAPPY !  WE ALL ARE !