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​Ten may love you a river each, but you spend your life worrying about how much a certain ONE loves you, whom YOU love a river.  That’s the bane of being human !


​FALLING IN LOVE is wonderful if you have strength and sense to come out of it, when you realize that your partner is not the right one for you. But 99% neither wants to believe what they sense nor has the strength to severe relationship. So falling in love is NOT so wonderful as it is always portrayed. It is an impractical phase in which some succumbs, a viral phase. It just happens, hence rightly said Love Happens !

​Not all Love ends in Marriage.

Not all Love remains after Marriage.

So he /she who Loved & Married and is in Love after years of Marriage is definitely a very lucky person. 

Marriage is one of the few aspects of life where success is 80% luck and 20 % luck ! 🙂

Love At First Sight is the most terrible thing that can happen to you. You have fallen in love with someone you don’t know, don’t understand yet. And truly loving someone is not a switch that can be turned off, if you find later on, that he / she is not the right one for you. Its an emotional investment you made without knowing the basics. So Love At First Sight happens and it happens mostly to the unfortunates.

​Above all the sweet ideas, romantic notions, heart stirring songs, poems , movies , dialogues of Love and Longings, above all these trashes, remains certain cold facts: A successful married life depends on just Two Factors : mutually compatible and mutually compensating temperament of both partners And mutual honesty and devotion. That is all. It can be love at first, second or third sight, it can be an arranged marriage, it can be marriage of compulsion ( advance stage of pregnancy etc ) , it can be anything under sun and moon but unless these two factors are present, marriage cannot be a success. It may be annulled or it may continue but it will definitely not be a happy marriage.

​The opposite of LOVE is not HATE, it is APATHY

Now, this realization will definitely change  equations of, at least some relationships in your life.

Love has nothing to do with roses, sunsets, candlelights, poetries, romance, beauty, beautiful quotes and so on. Love is just an emotional investment one person makes in another. So like all investments, it needs cautious approach and prudent handling