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If u stop believing in heaven or hell ; cease worrying about destiny ; then u are rejecting a billion dollar industry which thrives on people’s faith & fear.

There is nothing more dangerous than organized religion. Every religion spoon feeds the concept of Sin and also promises you ways to be absolved of Sins committed by you. Its like Mineral water company making you believe that freely available drinking water are mostly impure and makes you buy their mineral water which is ‘99.99 % bacteria free’ !  If you do a little on line research of your own, you will realize that this was way how Bottled Drinking Water made it’s place in commercial world.  There is nothing that divides us more effectively than Religion. Every day, from waking up in morning to going to sleep at night, you live, you exist, with help of science. If you are diabetic, religion does’nt help you but insulin does. If you are in excruciating pain, morphine gives you relief not religion. So whats the point of carrying this baggage called Religion ?   And where do you go after death, absolved of all sins committed by you ?  To Heaven – they say. Heaven – where there is abundant milk and honey, beautiful women dances and entertains you …….. It sounds like coaxing of a pimp to take you to a brothel !   R for religion,  R for reason.  I WILL LIVE AND DIE WITH THE LATER. What about you ?