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FALLING IN LOVE is wonderful if you have strength and sense to come out of it, when you realize that your partner is not the right one for you. But 99% neither wants to believe what they sense nor has the strength to severe relationship. So falling in love is NOT so wonderful as it is always portrayed. It is an impractical phase in which some succumbs, a viral phase. It just happens, hence rightly said Love Happens !



You don’t long for that excellent beef steak  or lamb chop you had  6 years ago,  or  that superb apple custard you thoroughly enjoyed 6 months ago. You enjoyed while you can and then you have moved on.  Treat your affairs like that also.

While you dwell on your Past,  you miss your Present and refuse to proceed towards  ‘your’ future. Please note : I am not undermining the gravity of human relationships and feelings.  Rather I am giving more stress  on your qualitative human existence. 




The best thing that one can do after being rejected or cheated or insulted in love is to fall in love again. Seeking love is : A walk down the road till you get a shelter for the night.  So don’t rest and lament.  It’s a wastage of time. The magic of your life is that there is someone who indeed loves you. But you have to forget, forgive and move on, in order to find that person.


Yes True Love exists. Yes platonic love exists. Love without gain, without logic, without phisical intimacy, exists. Otherwise how can we explain love between partners where one remains in total paralysis for years, love for one who  has died years ago ? ……. Thats the capacity of human heart. Platonic attachment exists but it must be kept in limits where it is reciprocal only !  One sided platonic love is a somewhat hallucination of heart without any gains. It does not fulfil you, it does not enrich you. You are capable of it as a human but it’s pointless. If a person has never loved you and never will then there is no point in allowing that person to linger in your heart, your mind. It is time to move on. Remember there is always ‘someone’ who will love you truely. Find that person !


How to be happy ?
As a child you knew how to be happy. As a boy or girl you had your bouts of happiness. And then you grew up. The statement ‘I AM HAPPY’ turned into a question ‘HOW TO BE HAPPY ? ‘. The world did’nt change my friend, only you did !  Close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine yourself to be a small fish. Swimming in water ofcourse. Now imagine this water to be happiness.  You are swimming in an ocean of happiness, a sea of joy. There is no escape. Wherever you swim, you are surrounded from all sides , from below and above with simple unadulterated pure happiness !  Now hold this thought in your mind 24 x 7. The first week will be difficult. Ego, tension, temper, anxiety will try to spoil your effort.  But afterwards you will realize that no matter what happens around you or to you , you always have this secret pool of happiness within you. God wanted his creatures to be Happy, your parents want you to be Happy, even you want yourself to be Happy. All you do is train your mind not to forget this.