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‚ÄčHumans live two existences. One is heart’s desire. Our heart wants to eat good, live good, to love, to fornicate a lot, to see all that is beautiful, to dive in all that is splendid and tempting. To live a healthy, wealthy life with no strings attached. No work, only joyous activities. That’s the existence we secretly desire. But then comes the real existence. The work, the responsibilities, the pretty girl who is a bitch, the handsome guy who is a prick. The death and the taxes. We just get to live the desired existence in the few days of romance, the first love, the honeymoon, the childhood. May be that is why we drink or smoke or do drugs …. just to take leave from the Real & enter the Desired world. May be that desire gives formation to the Garden Of Eden.


Love At First Sight is the most terrible thing that can happen to you. You have fallen in love with someone you don’t know, don’t understand yet. And truly loving someone is not a switch that can be turned off, if you find later on, that he / she is not the right one for you. Its an emotional investment you made without knowing the basics. So Love At First Sight happens and it happens mostly to the unfortunates.