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​When self declared Godmen commit crimes and are punished, its good news for me and millions of other rationalists / actualists but a degree of dissatisfaction remains in me which could have been wiped clean if those fanatics and believers who followed these Godmen were also punished to some lesser degrees. I do realize ofcourse that this is practically not viable. Its easy to punish a self declared Godman like Baba Ram Rahim for raping two women disciples for two years but how can Baba’s 5 crore followers be punished ? That being said, the fact remains that, a major part of common people still remains gullible and naive. They love to believe in miracles and they crave for some miracle to happen in their mundane lives that will take care of all their problems , afflictions and miseries. They believe in Godmen because they want to believe in someone with more powers than human. And almost always a lion part of these believers become fanatics. Religious fanatism is more deadly than any organized crime because it can do any harm to anyone who opposes the belief and comes very close to organized terrorism. Fanatics unfortunately have answers for all questions which rationalists don’t. Logic and reason can’t give you an answer as to what happens after death but fanatics can. For them there is a heaven and a hell and a God and sins and punishments …… so on.  Concepts based not on evidence but faith. Faith is nothing but ‘ I LOVE TO BELIEVE AND I WILL ‘ with arrogance. For fanatics there is nothing as accidents , for them everything happens for a reason. Everything that occurs in this world of ours has an intention, a will of someone far superior than us. Its a kind of childhood innocense that makes us believe in Batman and Superman. 

Self declared Godmen all over the world take benefit of this faith factor of people, spend a considerable amount of money for welfare of commoners which for them is just and investment and establish themselves as Godmen. We love to believe that God is watching us, will take care of us, so when another human takes care of our problems with care, kind words, help and money, we fit him /her in the next best position available that is Godman. Life is pretty simple. You work, you earn, you survive, you die. Whatever happens to you – an accident, a decease, a heart break, a tragedy …… – just happens. Cause & effect, or just sheer chance factor. There are no theories, no explanations, no bookkeeping of your good deeds and sins, no miracles, no heaven or hell. 

I guess the believers know all these already but choose not give room to reasons.





Whenever 1 human hurts you, you should pledge your belief in 10 other humans !

Whenever 10 humans deceive you, you should pledge your belief in 100 other humans !

Because, its humans that you have, in this life of yours. If someone did hurt you, there is always someone else who will sooth you. Loosing faith in humans because of an event, an experience is the biggest stupidity.

If u stop believing in heaven or hell ; cease worrying about destiny ; then u are rejecting a billion dollar industry which thrives on people’s faith & fear.

If there is no Heaven or Hell, if there is no God, if nothing remains after Death and there is no state of being  and absolutely nothing after death, if this is just one Life and one chance to do whatever we desire 
Then  :
Why will human beings be on the side of virtue, be good  , in the absense of  Law and Order ?   In other words :  Why will someone not loot, rape and kill for his own pleasure, in the absence of – Police, Court, fear of God  and his own conscious  ?

The question itself though establishes the essentiality of Concept of God in the mind of the mass, but  answering  the question with as much rationality as is possible, I will say :

You know that good deed makes your Life and life of others beautiful and you also know that given a choice YOU WILL NOT SEAT BY A TRASH BIN INSTEAD OF A BEAUTIFUL GARDEN !  So that’s that !!