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Above all the sweet ideas, romantic notions, heart stirring songs, poems , movies , dialogues of Love and Longings, above all these trashes, remains certain cold facts: A successful married life depends on just Two Factors : mutually compatible and mutually compensating temperament of both partners And mutual honesty and devotion. That is all. It can be love at first, second or third sight, it can be an arranged marriage, it can be marriage of compulsion ( advance stage of pregnancy etc ) , it can be anything under sun and moon but unless these two factors are present, marriage cannot be a success. It may be annulled or it may continue but it will definitely not be a happy marriage.

Don’t say  ‘No’  to love and walk away from a relationship because your loved one has caused you pain.  You can live with any amount of pain, but you cannot live with the regret of ending the relationship. The feeling of hollowness inside you and the ghosts of loneliness, will drive you crazy.