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​Contrary to popular notion, WHAT YOU DO is not important but WHAT YOU FEEL is . 


Whenever 1 human hurts you, you should pledge your belief in 10 other humans !

Whenever 10 humans deceive you, you should pledge your belief in 100 other humans !

Because, its humans that you have, in this life of yours. If someone did hurt you, there is always someone else who will sooth you. Loosing faith in humans because of an event, an experience is the biggest stupidity.

​When you need mental strength to carry on forgetting all set backs, criticism, scoffs and depression – LOOK AT THE KIDS AND LEARN FROM THEIR RESILIENCE. Children are upset at times, but they forget, find interest in something else and carry on. Seldom will you find a child destroyed by sorrow, but we adults are. Because adults stick on an unfortunate event and forget to move on.

When depressed THINK OF SUNSHINE. Think of the sun dazzling when you stare at it. This will feel your mind with positivity and cheerfulness. Their is nothing as affirmative, as positive, as THE SUN.


The birth  of GOD is in your mind when you feel hopeless, miserable, scared and utterly defeated. Instead of succombing to depression and ending your life you PRAY and begin hoping that GOD will make everything right. Things get sorted out on its own with time or you may believe that GOD did set everything right. Whatever may be the case, the point is  YOU CREATED GOD AND PRAYED TO HIM AND GOT HOPE AND STRENGTH  TO CARRY ON. Thats it !  Thats the necessity of God and that is why I keep saying that the road to science and God never clashes. If whatever I said here boils down to  GOD IS A FIGMENT OF YOUR IMAGINATION THEN ITS A VERY NECESSARY PART OF YOUR IMAGINATION WITHOUT WHICH YOU CAN’T SURVIVE.