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Love has nothing to do with roses, sunsets, candlelights, poetries, romance, beauty, beautiful quotes and so on. Love is just an emotional investment one person makes in another. So like all investments, it needs cautious approach and prudent handling 


The best thing that one can do after being rejected or cheated or insulted in love is to fall in love again. Seeking love is : A walk down the road till you get a shelter for the night.  So don’t rest and lament.  It’s a wastage of time. The magic of your life is that there is someone who indeed loves you. But you have to forget, forgive and move on, in order to find that person.


Every one of us have a certain Fate Pattern. You may have wondered at times ” Why is it that I always get the blame ? ”  or  ” Why do people take me for granted ? ”  and such other thoughts, the bottomline being  ” Why me ” ?!  We are all Lucky in some aspects and unlucky in others. If you analyze your life with retrospective effect, you will discover a pattern. You will discover ‘the road’ that is safe for you and ‘the road’ that is’nt. Just think about past events and experiences and chalk your future course.  Believe me, this does not mean , you are scared of the future.  You are just being clever and wise.