Some Western poisons are deeply set in Indian minds.

* This one Life is only one chance to live ( Intension : so enjoy, spend and be a good consumer ! )

* You get mentally old when women seems unatractive to you ( Intention : women centric minds can easily be tempted with various lustful propagandas )
The truth is – You get old when Life with all its marvellous offerings seem unattractive to you ).

* Romantic Love is the most important aspect of being happy ( once again – promotional success of this concept means profit for multiple industries like Greetings Card, chocolate, music, a genre of movies, gift items, restaurant chains, entire clothsline designed to impress the opposite sex, perfumes, confectionaries and hundreds of other industries  ).

Getting old gracefully, without hiding true age, being content with whatever we have, being in unison with the rhythm of nature, wisdom …. all these and many other qualities are our i.e Indian’s plus point. Let’s not forget that and be lost.