If today
you did’nt die of a desease or injured yourself seriously or loose someone dear to you or loose your job or ………………..  ( you pretty much get the idea, by now)

then :

Today is the day you label as  ‘OKAY’     ‘NORMAL’   ‘USUAL’ Etc.
These kind of days are thankfully the most number of days in your life.

So instead of calling these days ‘okay’ or ‘normal’, let’s rightfully call these days  ‘ LUCKY ‘  or ‘GREAT ‘ days. Since these days are most days in your life, so actually your life is mostly great or lucky !

And finally, every great day demands a celebration. Right ?  So atleast 15 minutes on days like these, celebrate in your mind. Tell that part of you that’s never satisfied that :

“For the last 24 hours  I have been very very lucky ! “.