You are watching a movie in a hall. The movie ends and you leave. Life is like a movie that you are watching. The only difference is that , here the movie continues but your time is up after a while and you leave this world. Your efforts, your struggles, your achievements, your beliefs are also a part of this movie which others’ are watching, but at the end – it’s no big deal.  So don’t be too obsessed with life, enjoy it but at the same time, be a little detached mentally. You will be at peace when your time is up. While others are still watching the ‘movie of life’ , leave quietly. The part you played will always be there in that big movie of Life. In that way, deeds of each and everyone of us, stays here and remains in this movie and we remain immortal in that ‘movie’, in our deeds, no matter how insignificant the deeds may seem.