Selfish  Prayers  :  We all love to think that we are basically good. Each and every one secretly feels ‘ I am slightly different, a bit unique or am a real good, God fearing, religious  human being  ‘  ……..  & so on.

How virtuous, self less are you, when you ‘ Pray to God ‘ or ‘Strive and Wish’ for your personal well being  ?!  You pray for your promotion or gaining the ‘Top Notch’ post in your office which also means that ‘You are praying for others not to get that post’.  Yes I know, we are not Great Souls and preying for World Peace and Food For All are not exactly what we do on a daily basis. And it’s not expected also. But lets not pretend to be slightly better than the rest, when in our very prayers we tend to be selfish. If I prey for ‘Food On My Plate’ that food is Not directly delivered from paradise. That food is a part of ‘limited food resource’ in my home planet. So actually I am preying for food off someone else’s plate, on mine ! Do I have the moral right to wish for someone to remain hungry ? 

All I am saying is : Don’t prey for any material comfort for yourself  because it makes you selfish.  Rather prey for strength, prey for courage, prey for peace, if not for all,  then for your own.

N.B : When I shared this observation of mine with others in a Motivational Speech Seminar, a friend in the audience mildly challenged me ‘ What if I prey for food on my plate and then share it with a hungry brother or sister ?! ‘. I replied  ‘ Well brother, the hungry can eat directly from their own plates rather than waiting for you to come and share your’s !  Both of us and ofcourse the audience had a good laugh.