A Mother’s Love :  If you have lost your mother very early in life and have not received your mother’s love, then and then only can you call or think of yourself as ‘unfortunate’ . If you have received your mother’s care, attention and love to the fullest, then in later part of your life, no matter what you go through and what you experience, be it heart break, be it deceit, be it being a looser or cruel criticism or being terminaly ill or ………. just imagine whatever horrific you can !  ….. still you should never think of yourself as  UNFORTUNATE. That’s what makes Mother Teresa – a divine  being , who became  “Mother Of The Unfortunates”. I am proud to say that I grew up in a house which was just a few strides away from “Mother Teresa’s Missionaries Of Charity ” in Calcutta.

Please allow me to tell you a beautiful story about “Mother’s Love”

A  young man secretly fell in love with a beautiful seductive lady. He did’nt know that this lady was actually a witch in disguise. One day he pulled up all the courage that he had and met this lady he loved. He expressed his feelings to her. The “oh so beautiful” witch lady smiled sweetly at him and said ” Darling  I will be your’s, only if you can bring me your mother’s heart “.  The lad left the place confused, sad but at the same time trembling with desire and anticipation. He thought the thing over and over again for the next few days and finally said to himself  “So be it !! “.  The next morning he left his house with his mother’s bleeding heart in his hands.  In a hurry to meet his beloved  he tripped on a stone and fell on the dusty road. A cry of concern came out from his mother’s heart  
” Son,  are you  hurt   ?!!  “.