A  Train Journey called Life : Not philosophy but fact. Life has been compared with train journey several times but how appropriately every aspect of life matches with this ‘Train Journey’ when you give some elaborate thought in this, is amazing.

You are sitting by the window of a train compartment –  This is your existence.

You spend most of your time in conversing with fellow co-passengers – You are an extrovert

You spend most of your time gazing outside the window – You like to travel and see the world.

You choose neither to mix with your co-passengers much nor gaze out of the window but spend time in reading books or painting or listening to music – You prefer to stay in your own world.

Like these, each and every nature of a person or events in his life matches with The Journey In A Train. Just a little bit of imagination is needed to fit, compare and understand This Journey of Life with Train. Stations come and passes by. We don’t know which one is our Final Station !  We fall in love, we fight,  we help, we betray ……. all in this train. Now it is up to you to choose the best way to spend your journey.