What is  Religion  and  Spirituality ?

Being Spiritual is looking beyond material existence. 
Our existence is locked from Birth to Death in a cycle of Needs & Fulfillments. Being spiritual is to think & seek for a while outside this cycle.

Science is / or should be, the path of an inquisitive mind, where as soul or atma seeks the spiritual path.

Being spiritual does’nt mean you should have a God, follow a religious scripture, customs etc.

Being spiritual is concentrating your mind for a while on anything  :  from praying in front of an idol to loving your child, from gazing at the sky to helping your mother or wife with chores.  Doing something not for material benefit but for love and goodness. 

For thousands of years,  majority has been misguided by preachers in the name of religion.  But all religions of this world boils down to just 2 words  : 
Being Spiritual  !!